Thursday, 17 March 2016

on Tuesday our class did sun art with Mrs Boston.

So what?
we read the Maui and the sun then we had make our own sun first we had yo draw our own sun then we grab the big black piece of paper and draw our sun with chalk then we coloured our sun with pastils and then we give it to the teacher and they put the black dye.

Now what?
my next art I would like to do some st Patrick day art.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Year 6 camp

So what?
Last week the year 6 students went to Waipara for a 3 day camp


We did some activities like canoeing, raft building and others.
I enjoyed doing the raft buiding because most of the raft sunk and we came last=(
Raft building was the most challengeing because it is most likely to sink
My camp highlight was abseiling.It was so fun because the ninja walk was so much fun.

Now What?
I am going to use the skills and  dispositions I developed on camp to help me throughout the years.


 I have just finished reading this book as part of my reading goal  which is to  be able to read for longer periods off time and retain meaning

So what
I like about this book is that it has funny thing inside of this book like lean to read with Andy it is so funny

now what my goal is also to read a variety of a genre.This is a fanciy book.The next genre I am going to read is a mystery.