Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My narrative

Our class did a narrative about superhero.We get to make up a super hero.


My narrative is about this Pokemon called Ditto. Ditto had a side kick called taco and they stop Mr Sneak Attack from stealing all the Pokemon from the Pokemon center.


I think I need to work on my spelling and full stop and capital letters.

When the year 5 are on camp

Last Tuesday and Wednesday the year 5 when on camp.Meanwhile the year 6 stayed at school we get to make our own SML and we get to chose what we want to do like drawing,reading,writing,math and others to.

I enjoyed drawing Pokemon because it was fun and I also enjoyed sand art because it was cool when we pored sand in the sticky parts it turned out awesome.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Week 4 blog


This week was literacy week.We did many things such as scavenger hunt, dress up day,stop drop write,stop drop read,Golden ticket,library activities,guess the teacher,guess the book,Soraya Nicholas-visiting author 


My favourite part of literacy week was the Golden ticket because it was so much fun to try and find a golden ticket and I also like stop drop and write because we tried to use our imagination and write.